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O.b. Non applicator tampons protect you and the environment..OB or Ob may refer to: Contents. 1 Arts and entertainment; 2 Businesses and organizations; 3 People; 4 Places; 5 Science and technology; 6 Other uses; 7 See .The preposition ob is used as a combining prefix with many other words, particularly verbs. In compounds, the b is often assimilated into the next consonant, .

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    Ob- definition, a prefix meaning “toward,” “to,” “on,” “over,” “against,” originally occurring in loanwords from Latin, but now used also, with the sense of “reversely,” “inversely,” to form Neo-Latin and English scientific terms: object; obligate; oblanceolate..

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    Acronym Definition OB Obstetrics OB Out of the Blue OB Outside Broadcast OB Outboard OB Out of Bounds National Park Service or golf slang OB Outward Bound OB Orlando Bloom .

  • Ob Definition Of Ob By Medical Dictionary

    Obstetrics [ob-stetriks] the branch of health science dealing with pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium. adj., adj obstetric, obstetrical. OB Abbreviation for obstetrics .

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