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The need for and love of ultra-fast Wi-Fi for ultra-smooth streaming! #StreamSmart with our amazing bundles, powered by a network engineered for the best streaming experience and ranked #1 fibre broadband for Netflix speeds! Enjoy up to 26GB / 40GB on our Mega / Xtra mobile plans .Meet the only ultra-fast fibre network engineered for the best video streaming flexible with our network bandwidth, which means no speed caps for downloads..If tested speed is more than 600Mbps means not MyRepublic problem, Video streaming and gaming don ‘t need 1Gbps even for 3 users..To break things down, how well your international download A server that is overworked transfers data more slowly than it should. iGetter allows for faster downloads as the file gets downloaded in many segments simultaneously. plans for streaming, surfing, gaming and voice communication VoIP ..

  • Myrepublic Better Streaming Faster Downloads

    MyRepublic is the world’s leading TelcoTech company, delivering fibre broadband, voice and digital services to homes and businesses across the Asia-Pacific..

  • Features Myrepublic Better Streaming Faster Downloads

    Our adaptive traffic priority system allows us to stand by our outstanding service promise: You get your plan’s full bandwidth for streaming, gaming, voice and web surfing 99 of the time..

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    What is the NBN? The National Broadband Network NBN is a project funded by the Australian Federal Government, the aim of which is to provide every Australian home and business with a faster, more reliable broadband internet connection..

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    Hi Whirlpoolers, I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to Mungi. Our team is proudly based in Melbourne. Mungi was created by a team of savvy consumers and ex-telco employees who saw a need for a better internet service provider..

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