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  • William Mary

    Building on more than 300 years of innovation and excellence, we break the boundaries between research and teaching, student and teacher, living and learning..

  • Mary Queen Of Scots Wikipedia

    Childhood and early reign. Mary was born on at Linlithgow Palace, Scotland, to King James V and his French second wife, Mary of Guise.She was said to have been born prematurely and was the only legitimate child of James to survive him. She was the great-niece of King Henry VIII of England, as her paternal grandmother, .

  • Mary Sue Wikipedia

    A Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character.Often, this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment. They can usually perform better at tasks than should be possible given the amount of training or experience, and usually are able through some means to upstage the main protagonist of the story, such as by .

  • Queen Mary University Of London

    Queen Mary University of London is an established university in London’s vibrant East End committed to high-quality teaching and research..

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