Asbestos Cancer Vermiculite

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  • Asbestos In Plaster List Of Products And Health Hazards

    Plaster is a common building material that was once made with asbestos, a harmful substance known to cause mesothelioma..

  • Vermiculite Is Not Asbestos

    VERMICULITE IS NOT ASBESTOS There are no real causes for concern about health risks from vermiculite: a review of the mineralogy of vermiculite.

  • Mitchell Demolition

    Vermiculite. Vermiculite, a mined mica-like mineral, was commonly used in attic insulation until the 1990s because of its effective fire-resistant and insulation qualities..

  • Fixing Attics With Vermiculite Insulation

    Image . Almost one million U.S. homes were insulated with vermiculite. Most of this vermiculite contains asbestos fibers which can cause cancer when inhaled..

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